Sarah Mandell Fibers of the South August 5th

Hey, Greenville, you know Sarah Mandell, right? You’ve seen those amazing silhouetted necklaces and laser-cut leather bracelets. You know, Once Again Sam! Oh yeah, now it’s clicking. She is a Greenville staple. She is a crafting genius. And now she’s upping her game and releasing a new series of felted landscapes that we get to exhibit right here at Art and Light. Kudos to killing it and then challenging yourself to do something brand new.


These landscapes are gorgeous and must be seen up close. Like the materials they are made from, you just want to be near them. They are cozy without being precious. Sublime, but earthy. Mandell has used her knowledge of felting and color to create saturated vistas that reflect her new home in the Carolinas. The layered wool intensifies the jewel tones and also establishes a flow to the work reminiscent of an O’Keeffe painting. The medium enhances the connection of nostalgia and place. And yet, in their window-like frames there is still a sense of yearning for the ethereal that Mandell has captured in these vignettes.

The show, Fibers of the South, will open from August 5th and end with a bang on August 19th. Because on Saturday, August 19th from 10am to 2pm we will get to enjoy a trunk show of Once Again Sam handmade jewelry. Please come join us for wistful gazing and maybe bring a coffee to hold and keep your hands busy because you are going to want to touch these gems, I promise you.