Annie Koelle & Anniversary Celebration, Thursday August 25th

Annie Koelle & Anniversary Celebration, Thursday August 25th

Annie Koelle & Anniversary Celebration, Thursday August 25th

Its official. Art and Light has been making spirits bright for 10 years now. We are celebrating this Thursday, August 25th with another new beginning, the opening of Annie Koelle’s breathtaking show “Bring Me Into A Spacious Place.” We are so excited to celebrate with Annie, who has been with us since the beginning. Our pursuits have flourished together. As always, it is our relationships that build us up. Help us raise our glasses to this exciting mile marker and toast to new art and old friends.


Annie Koelle’s art has always exemplified the spirit of this gallery and what we try to achieve with this space. And now on our anniversary she has built up a body of work that creates such a perfect mirror to our own journey. Her new paintings reflects upon the history, context and relationships that afford us, as she calls them, “our vibrant lives.”

Koelle’s recent paintings have come brilliantly to life through a new found appreciation of acrylic ink washes. Her materials are an homage to the freedoms we find in our constraints. Ink allows her to make room for her art in a bubbling household. The fluidity of this medium promotes an urgency and an unfurling freedom in the process.

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This cursive approach to her subject matter creates a modern lens with which to look back into the past. Koelle has revisited the classics as inspiration for this show. (Quite literally, be it In the library or in Amsterdam.) Roman busts and murals, Tudor portraits, Dutch landscapes, all provide a context. She paints a personal history layered on top of a cultural history. Where does our story turn without Elizabeth the First, without Rembrandt’s tiny brushstrokes, without our sisters?

The work is amazing. The people are delightful. And the air ecstatic. We will be open from 6 – 8 pm this Thursday. Aflutter will be providing scrumptious, artisanal delights. We would love to see you there.

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