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About the Artist

Eva Marie Magill-Oliver: Stories Through Art

Art has always been Eva’s passion and from a young age she knew that she was meant to share her work with the world. Growing up near the beach here in South Carolina, the ocean holds special meaning for her and nature, whether out on the beach or in the woods, inspires much of her work. Eva studied art and drawing in college, and spent her time after school working as an in-house artist with a fine arts publishing company. In the years following her return from a stint in France, she chose to prioritize her own visions and share her art as an independent artist.

Her creations tell a beautiful story. As a quiet soul, much of Eva’s most important thoughts and ideas are perfected in her sketchbook before she brings them to life in her colorful paintings and pieces. With her paintings, she begins by layering colors, textures, and patterns, and from there she uncovers the balance, shapes, and designs that she will keep for the final product. Her pieces, on the other hand, are a bit more structured and planned with a blueprint or image in mind, using gathered drawings and materials to create the narrative. Each of Eva’s pieces tell us a different story that gives us a much awaited deeper look at the beautiful soul behind the art.