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Local Collectors Share. The Story

Happy holidays friends & collectors!  A couple of weeks ago, I started a new series of blogs posts which feature art lovers and collectors.  Of all the exceptional things that go hand in hand with running my own business and representing local artists in the gallery, one of my favorite parts are the bonds and friendships that come with getting to know both the artists and my customers. Read more →

Brooke Woody. Making Spirits Bright

Happy Thanksgiving collector friends!  We are so grateful to each and every one  of you and what better way to kick off the holiday season than to host Greenville artist, Brooke Brownell Woody.  

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Local Collectors Share. The Story

It’s really hard to believe that November is upon us and that I’m making a Thanksgiving dinner shopping list. The magic of the season is just minutes away.    It’s always a time of reflection for me and for many reasons I am overwhelmed with love, joy and appreciation for all of the things that make living the creative life a dream come true. Read more →

Air, Sky, Land, Water. Ric Standridge

November greetings collector friends!  How thrilling and what a priviledge to work with Ric Standridge at A&L this month!  Ric has been high on our artist wish list for some time and his first show at the gallery is set for November 20-22, 2014. You don’t want to miss this!

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Making Connections with Stories. Mark Flowers

Greetings collector friends – big art news is coming your way this week!  Mark Flowers is certainly not new to the art world, but he is brand new to Art & Light Gallery!  With a long teaching career under his belt and dual career as an artist,  Mark is now more committed to art making than ever before.

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Slate Skies. Kiah Bellows

Kiah Bellows, Art & Light’s newest resident artist is logging hours and hours in her Greenville, SC studio in the heart of  the Village of West Greenville at Art & Light Studios.

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Fictional Scrapbook. David Diodate

Just a couple of months ago,  A&L resident artist, Kevin Isgett introduced me to the work of David Diodate.  I quickly found him on Facebook and discovered the southern inspired works to be completely mysterious and hauntingly beautiful! Read more →

Drawing Crowds. Kent Ambler

Starting with an observation or a quick sketch, it all begins with drawing.  Kent remembers drawing as a kid and now years later he’s drawing a crowd – art festivals across the southeast, Greenville Open Studios and Art & Light Gallery. Read more →

Children Playing. Keiko Kamata

So many female artists that I know struggle with enough time to do the work they love.  Raising children and keeping up with hubby and all that goes with family life leaves little time for artwork. Read more →

Modernize Your Space with Art!

We’re super excited to have all new work by Sy Bodson and Jo Carol Mitchell-Rogers in the gallery!

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