Hard Edge/Soft Edge with Leder & Marburg April 8th

Hard Edge/Soft Edge with Leder & Marburg April 8th

Art and Light is elated to present the continued friendship and camaraderie of Jeffrey Leder and Charles Marburg in their joint show, Hard Edge/Soft Edge. Our own resident artist, Jeffrey Leder showcases a series of graphic drawings and introduces us to New York painter, Charles Marburg. Both will be here for the opening, April 7th and artist talk April 8th.     IMG_2205

Leder hails from New York himself and is a recent transplant to Greenville. He brings with him an urban aesthetic and a wealth of knowledge about the art scene, having owned a gallery himself. One of the first artists he enlisted was Marburg. Leder was drawn to the raw emotion and curious use of space, in Marburg’s work. Eventually Leder even invited Marburg to curate his own show. And now here in Greenville, when asked to curate a show for Art + Light, Jeffrey has again turned to his old friend, Charlie.

Both artists work in abstract forms and ambiguous spaces but beyond that they could be a study in opposites. Leder’s work is bold and concise. His sharp edges and flat colors allow the viewer’s eyes to play in this two dimensional space. Sometimes zipping along and then disappearing behind an unexpected corner. The compositions tip toe between dissonance and harmony.

Marburg’s paintings are gentler. There is a softness to not only the brushstrokes, but the environment as well. The audience is pulled in by the artist’s use of positive and negative space and kept there by hints of recognition. An almost understanding.

Seeing the works together gives us unique insight into both of their processes and artistic strategies. But also reflects how we each seek peace and truth.

Katie Walker’s Notes to Myself Opens Thursday, November 17th

Katie Walker’s Notes to Myself Opens Thursday, November 17th

img_4748cropHey all, its me, Jessica Fields. I’m an artist here at Art & Light, but I also get to write for the blog. Which includes getting to interview amazing artists like Katie Walker. 

Have you ever made a pros and cons list? Or if you’re real neurotic like me, an excel spreadsheet, Venn diagram and brainstorming web in order to figure out where to go for dinner? The ways we try to map out and navigate our lives (the big decisions and the little encounters) become beautiful, quirky abstractions in the mind of Katie Walker. In her new show here at Art & Light, Notes to Myself, Walker shares with us the process of translating reality and memory into visual maps for reference and reflection.

Like a stenographer she has a shorthand of shapes and colors that perform like players on a stage. They act out a tense conversation or a hilarious dinner party. Before looking to the title for hints at a meaning you are struck by the movement and energy of each painting. These are stories. I mean, they are her stories and we’re not going to get a whole lot of details from that rectangle or those lines, but she still perfectly conveys the feeling.

Walker’s work is a synthesis of pure energy and detailed construction. Like Helen Frankenthaler’s work, the canvases record her movement. This fluid and organic part of the process speaks to the living part of memory. It changes, it twists and is never static. But as she builds upon this foundation, she is constructing how she chooses to define that memory and how it will affect her. Some imagery gets completely blacked out or maybe just obscured by 200 precisely drawn charcoal lines. Others are highlighted, encircled and notated. The end work may not be a concrete plan, but it is a blueprint to reference going forward.

We are going to kick this show off this Thursday, November 17th from 6 – 8pm. Come to decipher and decode or bring your own story or simply sit back and bask in the brilliant colors at play. Katie Walker’s new works are sure to speak to you.



Laura Cooke and Eva Magill-Oliver Bring Collaboration to a New Level

Laura Cooke and Eva Magill-Oliver Bring Collaboration to a New Level


This spring we were introduced to the gorgeous ceramics of Laura Cooke by our friend Eva Magill-Oliver. Laura and Eva are killing it with these new collaborations that bring the world of painting and pottery so fluently together. Read more →

We’re Crushin’. Kilgore-Condon, Ambler & The Grushovenkos

Valentine’s greetings friends and collectors!  We’ve got you covered for the holiday of love and we’re crushin’ on some very special artists this week.   Read more →

Bringin’ the Love

Hello friends!  We’ve got you covered with artsy gifts for your Valentine.  Come see us in our new digs on Aiken Street – We’re not only open today, but tonight as well for First Friday (6-9).  Many of your Village of West Greenville friends will be open, so come on out!
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Neighborhood Gem. Clay Artist Darin Gehrke

Greetings friends and collectors!  One of the features of the A&L blog this year will be to highlight working artists and small businesses  in the Village of West Greenville.  The talent in this little artsy neighborhood is second to none and it’s all within a several walking blocks!  This Saturday, Jan. 31st,  Art & Light will host Circa Doughnuts, another excellent and delicious locally owned business that has taken Greenville by storm.  Along with Circa, we’re pouring hot coffee from the neighborhood’s newest and hottest coffee shop, The Village Grind. AND to top it off we’re doing a mug giveaway – gorgeous clay mugs from neighbor, Darin Gehrke.

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Local Collectors Share. The Story

Happy holidays friends & collectors!  A couple of weeks ago, I started a new series of blogs posts which feature art lovers and collectors.  Of all the exceptional things that go hand in hand with running my own business and representing local artists in the gallery, one of my favorite parts are the bonds and friendships that come with getting to know both the artists and my customers. Read more →

Brooke Woody. Making Spirits Bright

Happy Thanksgiving collector friends!  We are so grateful to each and every one  of you and what better way to kick off the holiday season than to host Greenville artist, Brooke Brownell Woody.  

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Local Collectors Share. The Story

It’s really hard to believe that November is upon us and that I’m making a Thanksgiving dinner shopping list. The magic of the season is just minutes away.    It’s always a time of reflection for me and for many reasons I am overwhelmed with love, joy and appreciation for all of the things that make living the creative life a dream come true. Read more →

Air, Sky, Land, Water. Ric Standridge

November greetings collector friends!  How thrilling and what a priviledge to work with Ric Standridge at A&L this month!  Ric has been high on our artist wish list for some time and his first show at the gallery is set for November 20-22, 2014. You don’t want to miss this!

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