Eva Magill-Oliver & Laura Cooke Trunk Show, August 13th

Eva Magill-Oliver & Laura Cooke Trunk Show, August 13th

If you’ve been to see us lately you have probably already fallen in love with Eva Magill-Oliver’s striking paintings and Laura Cooke’s charming ceramic works. Now we are so excited to have both these Asheville artists here IN THE GALLERY August 13th to premiere their new collaboration.


These pieces live in that elusive crossroads between art and craft. Certainly sturdy enough for daily use, but beautiful enough to adorn your walls. Just stock up now folks, because these are perfect. Add some texture to those walls and hang one of these. Need a gift for a bridal shower, done. Serve up an appetizer at your next neighborhood gathering and be the envy of all the hood. image003

Through working together these two artists have created a playful visual discourse that will add to your own dinner conversation. Magill-Oliver’s Matisse like shapes seem to dance on the elegant forms of Cooke’s pottery. The colors have harmoniously come together from each artist’s repertoire. Bold teals and navies are balanced by the most sumptuous white on white.

You have to see it in person, hold it in your hand, to know what we’re talking about. Or even better, talk to the artists themselves! Their wonderful story of collaboration involves sisters and bikes and female entrepreneurship. (The great trifecta of all amazing stories.)  And Jennifer Glover of Carolina Girl Cooks is going to be there too with some scrumptious goodies. Aren’t we lucky? We’re all here Saturday August 13th from 10am – 4pm. Come see for yourself.

“Collaboration is much like a birth. The song that springs forth resembles each one of us to a degree, but it’s the kind of thing that would never be born from just one of us sitting down with a guitar.” – Grant-Lee Phillips