Introducing Cheyenne Trunell

Introducing Cheyenne Trunell

Introducing Cheyenne Trunell

This midsummer heat and whirlwind of activity have us spinning. Luckily we have a new artist to introduce with the capability to clear our heads and center our souls.

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We are delighted to be bringing the ethereal landscapes of Asheville artist Cheyenne Trunell to Greenville beginning July 20th.

When you look at Cheyenne Trunell’s work there is sense of gazing through. Looking past. Looking beyond. Maybe it is that yearning for the light that pushes Trunell’s art and draws us in. Her landscapes strive to capture the peace and quietude of the divine and present that to her viewer. That moment, that heartbeat when one sees the sacredIMG_3335c

The light in Trunell’s paintings takes on a Turner-like atmosphere that blankets each painting, as if sedating some fleeting insight. Her brushwork, however, maintains a geometric crispness and boldness of color that keeps the work alert and spirited.

These paintings bring with them a sense of peace and repose that can help abate the chaos of daily life. Cheyenne’s history as an art therapist informs her methodology. She experiences her art as a healing process and aspires to channel that curative quality to the viewer. Something we are all feeling here at Art and Light.

Please drop in and have your spirit refreshed by these enigmatic paintings.