Jessica Fields brings the color.

Jessica Fields brings the color.

Are you in need of a little color? Like just over there in the corner. Brighten the place up a bit. We’ve been working with local artist Jessica Fields to bring some of that saturated sunlight into your home.


Jessica hails from Texas and brings some of that dense gulf heat into her landscape work. Her subject matter pulls from the flat fields of her past and the mysterious Blue Ridge Mountains of her new home.  Each landscape is born of some real place and moment but becomes condensed by thick layers of waxy paint and vibrant colors. It’s a quest to mimic sensation. To grab hold of that moment when a place gives you something and you leave something behind.jessicafields2web

And it’s a whole lot of stripes. If you’re a fan of the horizontal, if it comforts you with its stability, these are some landscapes you can relax with.

Fields graduated art school in Wisconsin before becoming a teacher herself. Through teaching she discovered a passion for art history. Here she deepened her appreciation for the Post-Impressionists, but also found surprising influences in the works of ancient luxury arts like Persian manuscript painting and Peruvian textiles.

Now living in Greenville, SC she is keeping us stocked with these tiny odes to color. Please come check them out.