Laura Cooke and Eva Magill-Oliver Bring Collaboration to a New Level

Laura Cooke and Eva Magill-Oliver Bring Collaboration to a New Level


This spring we were introduced to the gorgeous ceramics of Laura Cooke by our friend Eva Magill-Oliver. Laura and Eva are killing it with these new collaborations that bring the world of painting and pottery so fluently together.


BIG NEWS, we are so happy to announce that we will be showcasing Laura’s work right here at Art & Light.

Laura Cooke is an Asheville native who got her Bachelor’s at our very own Furman University, but her passion has sent her around the world. She learned to throw on the wheel on a hilltop in Cortona, Italy. This is Cortona:


I mean, seriously.

She then worked and studied in Jackson Hole, WY and Portland, OR. No pictures needed, you know those places are beautiful. And the beauty of those places is now an integral part of Cooke’s work. Her shapes and designs mimic the patterns of nature with a simple cleanliness all her own.


Cooke’s pottery blends the deftness of the Mid Century Modern aesthetic with the primitive spirit of the Arts and Crafts movement. And as a good acolyte of the Arts and Crafts movement you can bet that each of these sumptuous pieces absolutely user friendly. Cooke’s art is for everyday use and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on it.

Come see Laura Cooke’s work and more new artists and old friends as we open our doors on July 20th.  (And if that’s not enough, mark your calendar for the Eva Magill_Oliver and Laura Cooke Trunk Show –  Saturday, August 13th.


Do follow Laura on instagram so you can get more of this amazing cat!