Slate Skies. Kiah Bellows

Slate Skies. Kiah Bellows

Kiah Bellows, Art & Light’s newest resident artist is logging hours and hours in her Greenville, SC studio in the heart of  the Village of West Greenville at Art & Light Studios.

Kiah Bellows working in her studio at Art & Studios

Working in her studio at Art & Light Studios

Just a couple of years out of art school, Kiah’s dream is to be a full time working artist – she’s setting goals and painting her little heart out to meet those goals.  Becoming known for her ethereal abstracted landscape paintings, her current collection is dream-like.

DSCN9992K painting

You can find Kiah working part time at A&L every Wednesday and lots of Saturdays!  Stop by to meet her and to see her new work!