Meet Artists Jan Swanson and Heather LaHaise Saturday August 20th

Meet Artists Jan Swanson and Heather LaHaise Saturday August 20th

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Art and Light has always been about putting people’s art into people’s homes. So we love it when our people come to visit. This Saturday our friends, Heather LaHaise and Jan Swanson, are coming up from Columbia to spend the day with us here in the gallery and talk about their new work.



We first met Jan Swanson after stalking her through the ads of a Charleston arts magazine. Having just seen a Bill Traylor exhibit in New York, Swanson’s folky and raw way of putting images together drew us to her immediately. Jan may be self taught, but her work exudes the kind of balance and power one might see in a Paul Klee or Jasper Johns. Her use of this kind of the detritus of life, old recipes, bits of tin, is reminiscent of Kurt Schwitters. But as pretentious as that all sounds, Jan is the opposite. She is humble and genuine and an absolute riot. We love her to death and not in the least because she introduced us to her friend Heather LaHaise.


We had been fans of Heather LaHlahaisesqdogaise’s work since opening up shop 10 years ago. (TEN YEARS! Can you believe it? Happy anniversary to us. But more on that later.) Her art has graced the pages of the New York Post, Crate and Barrel and Modern Dog Magazine. And you know we love dogs. But LaHaise also brought an abstract aesthetic to the gallery that compliments so many of our other artist’s works so well. There is an effortlessness and a zest for life in her compositions that create a buoyancy we are all roused by. Her ability to glide from realism to abstraction and sometimes hang out in the in between places calls to mind the works of Richard Diebenkorn or a much much happier Arshile Gorky. Having her work here brightens our days.


Come meet these two amazing artists this Saturday from 10am – 2pm. Come to talk about art and process and life. If you haven’t had the experience of connecting with an artist and then finding that visual connection in their work, please take this opportunity to do so. It is what we love about what we do. Please join us.