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A&L's online viewing space, where you can explore and collect our newest arrivals and 
online-only works by gallery artists and special collaborations.

Jeffrey Leder

Forever exploring how harmony can be created by color and form, each piece by Jeffrey Leder is a meditation. Using highly pigmented flashe vinyl paint, each color is uniform, velvety and opaque, creating a unique look for a pop of color or an area to rest your eye within a salon wall. Explore more of Jeffrey's work HERE.

Taylor Adams

Inspired by her relentless love of nature, Taylor Adams calls upon memory of place, sound and smell to create her unique paintings layered with delicate lines of thread. To learn more about Taylor and see her entire inventory, click HERE.

Eli Warren

Our first fine art photographer, Eli Warren, beautifully captures the human form in a unique and narrative way. Shooting both 4x5 film and digital cameras, Eli's gorgeous black and white photos create impact with their high contrast and story-telling.

Click HERE to see the rest of the collection. Please inquire for edition sizes and numbers. Framed and unframed options available.

Marci Erspamer

Marci returns to A&L in an online capacity with an entirely new, exciting body of work.

"Trees are my companions. When I see a tree I think about the roots growing, slithering deep into the earth, along with the branches reaching for the sky and their transformation with each season. I am very much like a tree – I think we all are.  Being a creature of habit, I’m “grounded ” by routine. Similar to the roots of a tree, routine provides the feeling of security and allows for productivity. Likewise, branches symbolize striving, desire, and creativity. So with this collection of paintings I focused on a single tree, representing the individual living out the seasons of life on its own, though connected to others and nature.  While we live in a world with others, individually we move forward, accessing our strength and courage as one."

Eva Magill Oliver

Working on canvas in a painterly fashion as well as using paper to create exciting collage, Eva Magill Oliver explores color, shape and the way each material plays. Click HERE to see all of Eva's collages and paintings.

Chris McAdoo

Chris may be new to the gallery, but he has been creating for more than 20 years. We are excited to welcome is graphic, fine art story telling to the gallery. 

Click HERE to see more from Chris and read a little about his work.

Olivia Perreault

Local Greenville painter, Olivia Perreault, mixes unexpected color to create enthralling impressionistic landscapes.

Click HERE to see all of Olivia's available works. 

Annalisa Fink

Painting subject matter from the coast to the hills, Annalisa's textural brushstrokes and color choice maker both her bite-sized and focal larger scale works incredibly special.

Find more of Annalisa's work here

Amanda Cole

Taking us on a color-blocked hike, Amanda's work allows us to experience waterfalls, mountain vistas and fields in her graphic style. 

Click here to see all of Amanda's available works.

Michelle Jardines

Rachael Van Dyke

Rachael had her first show with us in January with it being an almost sell-out, we are forever excited to receive new works for you to enjoy! In this latest collection, Rachael is bringing us all the summertime seaside vibes.

Click here to see all available works

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