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Below you will find multiple ways to view and collect art from the gallery. Whether you are into a specific artist, interested in what's new or wanting to support the latest exhibition, there is an option for you!

If you would like personalized help, please feel free to reach out to us. We would LOVE to guide you on your art-collecting journey.

Click through to shop by artist. This is the easiest way to see what is currently available by your favorite artists, read up on what drives them as well as view their past inventory.

We are constantly receiving new art from our artists and this is a great place to check out what is new. 

Whether you are buying a gift, starting out in art collecting or hunting for small-scale works, here you will find a sampling of our artists works that are $500 and under. Once you decide on an artist you want to know more about, be sure to shop by artist.

Ever-changing and rotating, we offer monthly, short-term and pop-up style exhibitions. Click through to see our current and historical exhibits.

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