My Color Filled Decade

This body of work is a library of memories, places, landscapes and elements that have impacted my life over the past ten years. Some I have revisited while others I have been fortunate to say, “hello to” for the first time!

Why are some paintings representational, while others are abstract? This depends on several things; where I was while viewing the landscape, my personal experiences, memories and my perspective at that moment. Not all paintings are an exact representation of the location or landscape, the colors or marks may be different. “My Color Filled Decade” is a personal translation of memories, colors I saw, felt, experienced and held in my heart and mind at that specific time.


*Please note this page shows all inventory hanging in the exhibition - both sold and unsold. If there is no purchase option, the piece has sold. To see all available and sold works separated out, please visit Kiah's artist page directly by clicking their here*

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