Last week we sat down with one of our April featured artists, Hannah Yanetsko, to dive a little deeper into who she is, her process as an artist and more. 


With a natural eye and exploratory spirit, Hannah pushes the boundaries of artistic material by using more than just paint. Keep reading for a little behind the scenes of this talented emerging artist.

Q: We know that you just added a sweet no baby to your tell us about yourself


A: I’m 23, I live in Davidson, NC with my beloved husband and two young daughters, Adeline and Eleanor. Adeline is just shy of 2 and Eleanor just shy of a month old! The days are long, but filled with so much reward. 

Q: So how did you start painting? Have you always been creative?


A: I was eleven when I started painting. It was the summer following the death of my father. There was an artist at our church whose work I was fascinated by and he sort of took me under his wing and began mentoring me. I would paint in waves over the following years, but not consistently. It wasn't until the covid-19 lockdown and just a few weeks after my daughter Adeline was born that I picked up the brushes again. I haven’t stopped since! 


Q: Do you have any formal training?


A: I had a very talented high school art teacher, but  that’s the extent of training I have. My process was developed when I was young under my mentor and my skill has developed with time and experience. 

Q: Have you always painted surfers and beach scenes? Why is this your chosen imagery?


A: I don’t think I ever painted surfers or beach scenes before. The catalyst piece for my work now was a large painting for our apartment just after getting married. I named it “amanti del estati” which is Italian for summer of lovers. We spent a lot of time at the beach that summer, and those memories are what I pulled from. It was and probably still is my favorite piece I’ve ever done. Each piece has sort of just built off one another ever since.   

Windy Morning At Carmel Coast

Mixed Medium On Panel

40 x 40 x 2.50 in.

Now Available


Q: Do you ever plan on branching out into other subject matter?


A: I am always going to be with authentic in my work. If it feels authentic to change direction, I will. 


Q: What is your process like? I mean, you use coffee?! Tell us more.


A: Yes, coffee is part of my process in more than one way! Nothing happens without an iced coffee with sweet cream creamer. I work in 5 phases. Drawing & painting figures, background, wax & exfoliating — for this I use a mixture of coffee grounds and tar to stain and exfoliate the wax surface — then, i play around with finishes and then resin. It’s all very intuitive. The process is the same, but every surface is different.

Q: Have you had any challenges as you've been growing into your own as an artist?


A: Before I found my voice as an artist, I spent a lot of time looking at other artists work. I appreciate art so much, but i find that when I’m “seeking” inspiration from outside sources, it kills the sacredness and sincerity in my work.

Q: What gives you the most inspiration?


A: Every season of life is different. Some seasons I pull from grief, some seasons I pull from the good. In this season, my daughters are my inspiration. 

Q: What artists are you currently inspired by?


A: Matt McClune, Struan Teague, Mossimo Vitali 


Q: Do you listen to music or podcasts while creating or are you more into silence?


A: Painting has always been my quiet space within myself. Most of the time I just have my studio door and hear the cars passing by and birds chirping. And little feet running down the hardwood hallways. 


Q: Any advice for artists just getting their feet wet?


A: Don’t look to other artists work for inspiration. Look within yourself. Look to your dreams, your loss, your experiences. Create what’s authentic to you, for you. I think it’s 50% about you, and 50% about luck. I’ve worked really hard, but I’ve certainly gotten lucky. And I’m so so grateful to be able to do this. 

Q: What's next for you!?


A: In surfing there’s this slang phrase, “party wave,” it’s when multiple people drop in on the same wave. And I guess it’s a party! 🤷🏻‍♀️ You’ll just have to drop in and follow along to see where it takes me. 

Interested in checking out Hannah's available work? Great! You can enjoy it right HERE. Don't forget to explore our April 2022 exhibition through our virtual tour to check out Hannah's duo exhibition on view through April 30th, 2022.

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