Q: How long have you been a full-time artist?

A: I have been working as an artist since approximately  2012 -- the first few years of which was a combination of freelance work, making films and working for an independent retail business as well as a side job in a gallery as a painting and frame restoration expert. Once I started making paintings of my own, I spent a few years building my skills and business up before finally quitting my retail job in 2015 and committing to being an artist full-time! I of course still take on side hustles and passion projects from time to time, but I'm very happy that being a painter has become my career. 


Q: What is something about you that people might not know?

A: I have always been an "Artist", however before becoming a painter full-time I was also an actor. For over a decade, which overlapped my developing painting career, I worked with an independent film production crew near Chicago making low-budget shorts, movies and "tv-shows" made for internet release, referred to as "Web-series". In addition to acting, I made props, sets, costumes and promotional materials. It was the longest, most-underpaid and best freelance gig I could ever hope for.

Q: Out of your different series, what is your favorite?

A: I have many different series and styles of artwork I make. They are all enjoyable to create and feel like "me", however I would say that my landscapes paintings on canvas are my signature pieces. Abstracted landscapes are what first hooked me into painting and is the subject matter that developed my hand with the medium. After 10 years of painting I have yet to get tired of working on my landscapes and am excited to see my style grow and develop with every new piece I make. 

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16 Aiken St
Greenville, South Carolina 29611
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