We've all been there....Too high. Too low. 


Hanging your art can be a little confusing, so we are here to share how galleries and museums get the perfect height.


Traditional museum/gallery height hanging puts the center of the painting at 60" from the floor. This is average eye-level height and optimal for enjoying your art. 


Of course, there are exceptions. If you are hanging over a piece of furniture, in a room with extra tall ceilings, etc. If you have specific placement questions, let us know. We would love to help!

STEP 1) Measure the height of your piece of art, including the frame. Half it and write it down.


Example: Total height is 48"/2 = 24"





STEP 2) Add average eye-level height of 60" to half the height of the piece of art.



Example: 24" + 60" = 84"



STEP 3) Pull the wire on the back of your piece taut and measure the distance from the wire to the top of the piece and subtract that number from step 2 total.


Example: 84" - 3.5" = 80.5"

Step 4) Take the total from step 3 and measure distance from the floor and mark with a pencil. Grab your hanger and place the bottom of the hook on your mark, hammer away!


We like to use THESE hangers by OOK and they are plenty strong for most works of art. If you are hanging something small or extra-large, let us know and we can help find the best option. 


Example: 80.5" from the floor. Mark. Place the bottom of the hanger on the mark and hammer in.

Hang your beautiful piece of art, step back and enjoy! 


As we mentioned above, there can be exceptions to this formula, so if you have questions or location specific needs, let us know and we would love to help. 

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