Every December, Veranda Magazine puts together a list of art trends they predict will be big for the coming year. With their list in mind, we have pulled together A&L artists for our very own take on their trend predictions....


This is just a short list, so if you are interested in diving deeper into what other artist we represent fall into these categories, let us know! We would love to introduce you to your new favorite A&L artist. 


Click HERE to read the article Veranda put out.


Holly Graham is a Charlotte-based artist known for her highly textured collage works. 


Incorporating torn and treated paper, cardboard, wood and more into each piece and though framed, Holly's collages feel sculptural making them perfect for this anticipated trend. The thoughtful layering process combined with carefully considered color combinations make these pieces perfect additions to just about any collection. 


Interested in seeing our current availability? Please click HERE or reach out directly for details on the commission process.


Other artists that use texture in their work are: Hannah Yanetsko, Liz Rundorff Smith


Kayla Plosz Antiel has used vintage needlepoint patterns as inspiration in her work for years. Whether you are considering her "sample series" (shown here) or her watery florals, elements of folk art tradition can be seen. 


Interested in seeing more of Kayla's work? You can check it out HERE or reach out to us directly.


Other artists to note that have a folk art or "outside" artist feel: Shellie Lewis Crisp, Morgan Walker

Textile Art

Taylor Adams has always had a heart for textiles. With a mother who was a seamstress, Taylor was always around fabric and thread as a child and when she began creating art, those same materials found their way into her work. 


Taylor's latest series incorporates different layers of fabric treated with paints and layered on top of panel with thread elements to create dynamic variation in the line. 


Explore more of Taylor's work HERE.



Another artist that incorporates and even creates textiles: Teresa Roche


As one of our January featured artists, we must call out the incredibly detailed sculpture of Laurel Siwicki. Laurel's work is not only tabletop, but wall hanging, making it easy for collectors to find space for her work in their collections.


Living along the Gulf Coast, Laurel often incorporates found objects washed up along the beach as well as natural elements dipped in wax or porcelain slip into her narrative sculptures. Check out Laurel's available works HERE.


Other sculpture artists to consider for a diverse collection: Ellie Richards, Sam Shamard, Olivia Bonilla


You may know Mary Lekoshere's beautiful oil paintings of interiors, but she is also a talented painter of people. 


From ballerinas (shown here) to lounging women with textural backgrounds and patterned clothing, these paintings of people tell a story that invites you inside. For more of Mary's work, click HERE.

20th century art

Our version of 20th century art calls on artists with careers as artists before 2000 and Katie Walker is a great example of such an artist. Driven to create, she is in her studio daily.


Katie has had an exciting career that includes more than eleven museum shows, numerous awards (including one from the Florence, Italy Biennale in 2005) and numerous public and private collections. Click HERE to see more of Katie's work.



Here are a few other A&L artists with careers spanning decades: Ruth Ava Lyons, Diane Kilgore Condon, Alicia Armstrong

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