DIALOGUE | Jeffrey Leder and Taylor Adams


Trees thick with summer green cluster over the cove. Waving softly with the whisper of wind - a warm welcome above water tucked between banks of clay. Birds flock above, dotting paragraphs across the sky.

A porch swing sways with laughter, a medley of voices gathered to tell stories from then and now, tugging on the thread of belonging that runs through us.

Light pours into your favorite coffee shop. Steam hums, mugs clink, chairs scrape back and push together. Soft murmurs of morning woven between greetings and meetings.

For Jeffrey Leder meditation plays an important role in his life, both in understanding himself better and in his art practice. He goes into a kind of mindful trance as he sketches, prepares a surface, selects colors and lays down paint.


"My paintings seem well planned because of the precise structure and balance, but in fact the artwork is based on a series of intuitive decisions. The selected composition of forms from sketches, leads me to a color for one area, that color in turn suggests to me another color and so on till the artwork is completed. I strive for my art to transmit a spiritual order. Through this order emerges my emotional expression of colors. I make art to achieve harmony within myself, to explore my capabilities and share with others that which I have discovered."

Taylor Adams creates abstractions reminiscent of landscapes and moments found in nature. Using ink washes, graphite sketches, and strands of thread, each layer unfolds to compose a vocabulary of marks.

"My work is fueled by time spent outdoors. As I mix pools of ink and press graphite to my surface, I call on moments I've collected - translating sight, touch, and sound through gestures on my panel. Slipping thread between my fingers, I meticulously wrap strands across my painting, establishing linework informed by the layers beneath. It's a balance of controlled and guorganic movement. Structure existing in harmony with fluid mark-making, it's a reminder that there is always beauty and peace to be found amongst the chaos and uncertainties that life is bound to bring."

Each utilizing a personal narrative to connect their sense of life to others through paintings, Jeffrey and Taylor invite you to share in the joy and find your own stories. We invite you to engage in the dialogue.

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