Glory Day Loflin | Two-Day Virtual Pop UP

A special two-day virtual pop up with the sculpture and jewelry of Glory Day Loflin.


"While I love paint, I also really like dirt- or clay to be more specific. I've been digging in creeks since I was little, catching crawdads and salamanders and losing my mom's pots, pans, and strainers in my search for more critters.


This January I got to spend a month at Penland School of Craft working in clay and thinking about my relationship to painting and sculpture. I thought about the woods I was immersed in and made a series of tree sculptures. Through an exploration on slab building I developed a series of toy animals. I even tinkered with wearable color in the form of ceramic jewelry. While figuring out how I work best in clay, the most important part of the opportunity for me was working alongside other wonderful artists and sharing our knowledge and experiences.


I think each of these pieces has the spark of something fresh and new for me and also something wonderfully familiar- I mean clay is dirt after all! I hope you enjoy these pieces in your home as much as I enjoyed making them. Plus, with all this quarantining, I think the necklaces are the hugs we all need about now."

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