Light of Hope: a joint exhibition with Cheyenne Trunnell and Sali Swalla

Two artists living and creating on opposite coasts create a duo exhibition during the pandemic composed of LA artist, Sali Swalla’s, highly layered oil works and Charlotte artist, Cheyenne Trunnell’s, glowing acrylic works.


Inspired by the presence of the Divine found in nature, the pieces for this show bloomed into life during the fantasy-like, surreal days of Covid-19. The world came to a halt and in an instant everything was different…yet the trees and flowers, the birds and the butterflies, all continued as if nothing had changed. They re- arranged their schedules and priorities re-learning to connect with one another and to express care and love for those around them. As they searched and found for the days ahead a new “Light of Hope".


The works in this show represent a journey through to a new way of life created by the Pandemic. They are an expression of the hope they pray the world feels for our future here on this beautiful Earth. Their wish for these works is that they offer the viewer a respite from the weights of the world. A moment of rest so their soul may fly and thus imagine a life full of the Divine "Light of Hope" where anything is possible.


A preview of works is now available below with "purchase" links going live tomorrow, Tuesday, September 29th at 10am EST online and in the galleryA socially responsible “Meet & Mimosas” event will be held at the gallery on Saturday, October 3rd from 11:00-2:00pm EST to celebrate this new collection.

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